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Who We Are

Fooddoo is a flagship brand owned by Feastoo Online Services Pvt Ltd. Fooddoo is a mobile app marketplace connecting home-based caterers with customers in their locality for home cooked foods and snacks. We take pride in telling that we are serving the whole of Chennai now and are working on rapid expansion to other major cities. We now serve prime time lunch, dinner, all day mom's specials, nature drinks and diet food.

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Fooddoo - Chennai's First Marketplace for Home Cooked Food. Search for home cooked food in your locality , order at your finger tips and get it delivered at your doorstep.

Are you missing your mom's cooking? Don't worry, Fooddoo delivers authentic Indian Home Cooked Food to your doorstep with the same love, taste and hygiene as your Mom's.

Fooddoo helps you find healthy home cooked food in your locality and makes you enjoy the warmth and love of a mother.