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About Senior Living Ladies Home

We take away your worries and turn your frowns into smiles. If you are looking for a dignified lifestyle in a safe, secure and rejuvenating environment, you’ve reached the right place!

SLLH offers a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle to aging elders through a plush, secure and rejuvenating environment. Every aspect of SLLH has been designed for the comfort of our residents so that they lead a happy and content life. We instill immense love and care in our services so that you have a joyous and fulfilling experience during your stay.

The SLLH is a one of a kind Senior Living Ladies Home in India offers premium living for seniors. It offers the assortment of quality care, comfort and security through the avenue of relaxed community lifestyle and warm hospitality. Your old age is a phase in your life that is meant for pure indulgence in a lifestyle that fills you with delight and brings out the best in you.

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We Specialize in High Qaulity

Why Us

Many senior citizens dream of a living arrangement that offers plenty of activity choices and world-class amenities, in addition to personalised care. At The SLLH,we offer all of this and much more through our senior citizen residences.


We place confidence in taking care of the security that is cardinal and we make sure that our security system is 100% trustworthy and unerring.

Ethereal Suite

Living units are put in good shape to offer the best gratification by accomplishing all your requirements where you can lead a luxurious lifestyle at a minimum cost.


SLLH offers an elite way of nourishment for seniors . Medley of gratification, personalised care and a secured lifestyle is overtured through the parkway of breezed style of living and close companionship.


Let us to help your experience of love natural living.


Short Term Stay

Like coin, every living creature also has two sides: the young and the old. Are you in search of an old age home where you want to live with peace and candor? Here it is! We offer fully furnished living units with pantries and a balcony along with full-flavoured heavenly made dishes by the top in-house chefs and housekeeping staff to take care of daily scutworks. You will be under a secured survilleance system and will be treated with best medical service.

If you are in a dream to stay up for fair pay with all amenities included, here we go!!!! "The Golden Palace".


Long Term Stay

Spend your old age at the "Golden Palace". You can enjoy the open arm luxuries with a peaceful, harmonious lifestyle in the "Golden Palace". The staff's of housekeeping will take care of the errands. Laundry, top-drawer medical facilities and all other activities that fulfills your heart with fun, hobbies like gym, library, indoor games makes you to stay over a long time. Enjoy the food prepared by the top in-house chefs.


Assisted Care

Dazzling dreams of a top-notch living with peaceful, relaxed environment and with oodles of services for the senior citizens is the chief desire of LSCH. Here we look after all the amenities in person, that makes a feel good thought.

We make sure that our residents will be given priority in each and every aspect of the service that is needed. Worried about bagging up your needs? Don't be... A small bell is enough to take care of it in chop-chop.

We fit out the sans pareil personal care services for:

Dining and Dietary Planning