What is it about?

This is an exclusive event that showcases the Power of Execution Planning - something that RK has personally overseen and helped implement in hundreds of Owner-Managed Businesses in India

Every business owner ceases to be an Entrepreneur when he/she starts working ‘IN’ his business as opposed to working ‘ON’ his business.

This Event will Re-kindle the Entrepreneur in YOU, the Business Owner!

What will happen during the event?

Business Owners who attend the event will experience a transformation of their thought processes towards how they view GROWTH.

We believe that a business is JUST SURVIVING if all they are doing is GROWING incrementally every year!

During the course of the event, participating business owners will learn what INTRUSIVE GROWTH is, and through specific examples comprehend how INTRUSIVE GROWTH is the NEED OF THE HOUR if they need to re-kindle the entrepreneur in them.

Business Owners will be exposed to PROVEN METHODS that have helped other SME owners experience EXPLOSIVE GROWTH in the last few years!

The event will help owners understand the health of their organization through a sophisticated Business Diagnostic Software that will instantly compare their health with industry average and with peer-group statistics

The Event will also help set the direction for owners to FOCUS on if they are serious about Growth, Profitability and Scalability of their businesses.

Finally, for those interested business owners, we will hold ‘one-on-one’ interactions with our vastly experienced team of professional business coaches who will be at hand during the event.

The Track Record

  • 230+ business owners
  • Rs.50,000 Cr Total Customer Revenue base
  • 20,000+ Customer employees
  • Rs.5-500 Cr turnover range
  • 35+ Industry Verticals
  • 150+ engagements
  • 2 years average engagement term